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Smiling Teacher

We are your place for Program ManagementBudgeting, Agile Coaching, Medical Chart Audits, and Accounting

Who we help

• Busy Professionals/Executives

• High Net Worth Individuals and Families

• Military Personnel and Veterans

• Non-profit Organizations

• People with disabilities, chronic illness, including mental


• People in life transition – divorce, loss of spouse, newly

   engaged or married, new to the workforce

• Seniors and Adult Children

• Business Owners

• The stay at home Mom or Dad that needs just a few extra

   hours every so often

We understand

The involvement of an outsider in personal financial affairs may be too intimidating for some, but most clients find that once they have established a relationship with their DMM, they don’t know how they managed without one. A DMM is to a private individual what a Bookkeeper is to a business. As the American population continues to change in both age and lifestyle, Daily Money Management services are becoming a mainstay.

What to expect at the free consult

This is a time for you to meet me face to face. When I come I will bring you a welcome package that has a blank retainer agreement, our fact sheet, insurance certificate, certificate of our background check, copy of our business license and state corporation, our confidentiality agreement and anything else you ask me to bring. I leave all these papers for your review after I leave, when you are deciding on your next step.

We may get into other unrelated conversation during this meeting because well, I am friendly. Please run the meeting as you feel comfortable with. References are available upon request.

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